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How to Increase Your Perception of Value to Prospects

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Understanding that you need to show prospects your value if you want to earn your worth as a freelancer is how some succeed and others fail.

Why is this important for freelancers?

You're the boss. You need to be seen as the expert in the client relationship.

Businesses hire a freelance web designer because they can't design a website.

So, they look to a web designer as the expert in that topic. The same goes for freelance writers, or Pinterest managers or copywriters.

It's required, then, to show value to your prospects so that you can command high rates.

And, guess what?

There are four keys to increasing your perception of value to prospects that you can try.

1. Learn the Skills and Tools for Your Service

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For freelance writers, content marketing is a big industry online. It's in your best interest to become familiar with upcoming trends and current topics.

Two great resource are Content Marketing Institute and QuickSprout.

Both of these sites have oodles of awesome posts about content writing and marketing.

Another thing high-paying clients want from their writers is to know how to use common tools and best practices for online.

For example, knowing how to edit images, optimize images, take screenshots and annotate screenshots are all very popular skills you will need to learn.

Some businesses might use a project management tool like Asana to track your tasks.

It's in the best interest for freelancers to become familiar with the tools of their trade.

2. Corner Your Niche

Do you have a niche? This is a topic you want to get paid for.

Not all niches are created equal.

For writers, niches like finance and business are very profitable, while other writing niches like lifestyle and relationships aren't.

When I first started freelance writing, I picked what I knew - parenting, health and psychology.

I quickly learned parenting was difficult to dive into; there are just too many mommy bloggers who were willing to write at a low rate, so I didn't want to compete.

I was able to land higher paying gigs with health and psychology.

But, instead of just sticking to those two niches, I learned about a new niche - digital marketing - and became an expert in it.

Now, most of my new clients seek me out for digital marketing content. I can ask for a premium and it's justified.

3. Have Social Proof