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6 Quick & Productive Things Freelancers Can Do on Friday

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Who doesn’t love Friday?

I know as a work form home parent, Friday doesn’t necessarily mean that a weekend off is coming. Hello, we are parents!

There aren’t any days off. But even as a busy SAHM, the weekends give way to more rest and recreational opportunities, and you don’t feel as guilty about taking a small break.

Friday is also a super unproductive day in the freelance world. 

This isn’t because you aren’t rocking your job, but because everyone else in the business world has checked out. 

Send a pitch on Friday, and it might end up never seen. 

Need an editor to answer a quick question? Forget about it. Try to get interview quotes and people are suddenly on vacation. 

You get what I mean.

So how do you stay productive on a Friday even when everyone else is anti-work for the day?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Research Companies and Article Ideas

Use your Friday time to research companies that would be a good place to pitch or use as a credible source. 

You can also research article ideas by seeing what a publication has already done, researching their popular pieces, and putting new spins or refreshes on old articles. 

Whenever I research for a company, I will start with a generic term, such as “mortgage.” 

I will search in their site’s search bar for that term and see what kind of results pop up. 

Another way to search is to Google site:(website) (search term) – i.e. mortgage.

This quickly shows you what the website has published, the different headline titles, and how old each piece is. 

If I want to write in the finance niche I know that has very old mortgage pieces. I can then use this as ammo when I pitch. 

In my pitch I might include something like, “I noticed you have very strong mortgage pieces, but they are from 2013-2014. I would love to provide you with newer mortgage articles that not only have updated advice, but that personal voice your recent pieces have.”

2. Draft Pitches

Repeat after me, “I will not send a pitch on Friday.” 

The last thing I want to happen to your beautifully crafted pitch is that it goes unseen at. 

There is a good chance the person you pitch might want to accomplish inbox zero Monday morning and trash everything that looks remotely like spam – not even looking at your pitch with discerning eyes.

But Friday is the only free time I have to write pitches.

You can still draft pitches, and I highly recommend it so you can get a head start of everyone else for the week. 

Have your polished pitch ready to go now and then you can send it first thing Monday or Tuesday morning. 

Since your pitch is hitting the person’s inbox at a time they are ready to productive, there is a greater chance they will see your email

3. Network on Social Media